Streaking again. Another 100 Days.

I just finished another 100 days of running today so I guess I’m officially on another streak.

My last streak ended at 208 days after Western States last year. I didn’t really expect to finish before midnight on Saturday and just didn’t have the motivation to get up on Sunday after the race to get my 30 minutes in.

This time, I’d like to make sure that I keep the streak going. Last year after I started taking a lot of extra days off, everything seemed to fall apart. It wasn’t just my running focus – work, personal plans, and even my sleep schedule were really thrown off.

Going out each day for 30 minutes really isn’t that much physical effort. I don’t have any rule to set a minimum distance. As long as I go out with the intention of covering some distance as best I can for 30 minutes each day, I count it as a streak run. Most of my extra streak runs are very slow, easy jogs with my dogs. It’s not much extra effort for me but they definitely appreciate it.

But with a busy work and social schedule, it’s extremely easy to run out of time in a day. So it does take a conscious effort to set aside 30 minutes every day. Hit snooze a couple times and you’ll miss the opportunity to get out in the morning before work. Or if you don’t manage your work schedule to finish on time, you can easily lose the opportunity to go out after work.

Skipping rest days might not be the most effective way to train. But to keep my streak going, I’ve found that I take a lot better care of myself to make sure that I avoid any serious over training, sick days, or injuries.

And my streak really isn’t about training at all. It’s about taking personal time every day to get outside and move. (Treadmills don’t count – going outside if half the point.)

From this perspective, I think more people should give it a try. I’d like to see if I can keep this one going until I stop keeping track of days and just count the years.

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