6 Days Left – This Just Got Interesting

So I’ve made it through the 3rd full week of March. The good news for this week is that Joah got adopted by the family who Celeste met out at the St Patrick’s Day 5k.

Full stats for the month are updated here.

Right now I am pleasantly surprised at how good I feel.

Yesterday I ran the full 50 mile of my new Quad Rock race. I didn’t think it would be right to expect other runners to complete a course that I designed and hadn’t run myself . I won’t lie – the course is pretty damn tough. It was a brutal 12 hours and 24 minutes out on the trail but the weather was incredible and I had good company to keep me going all day. Justin met me for the 6am start and ran most of the first loop back to the Arthur’s Rock trailhead. Brian and Kari met up with me at Horsetooth and ran 30 miles out to the Soldier Canyon start/finish and back. And Steph came out for the full second loop.

Heading towards Arthur's Rock on the Quad Rock 50 route.

After finishing the full 50 miles yesterday, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to run today …or even get out of bed. But after sleeping in and getting off to a late start with an easy dog run with Sheba, Baxter, and Mojo, my legs felt surprisingly good. I split the rest of the day up with a couple runs at the shelter with Scout and Ashley and finished the day with a nice run around Pineridge with Mindy and Lindsay for another 25 miles.

With 540 miles so far this month, other than being a bit slower than usual, I feel fine. So right now it looks like 700 miles for the month might be within reach. I just need to run 20 miles per day Monday through Friday and spend the full day Saturday finishing off the last 60 miles. With what I’ve done already, that seems perfectly reasonable.

And there’s a bit more at stake here. Scott was the original instigator of this fund raising challenge. In addition to setting an example with his Doctors without Borders and ALS fundraising events, this brainstorm started with a donation from his employer Otter Box. Otter Box allocated funds for each employee to give to whatever charity they liked. But rather than have employees simply donate the money, they encouraged each employee to use the funds to raise even more money for their cause. And to make it interesting, Otter Box is offering a substantial bonus donation to the employee who raises the most money. Scott is also putting together a fund raising concert with his new band and Cat has joined the cause with donations from her 24 Hours of Utah run this last weekend. Between the 3 of us, I think we have a pretty good shot at winning the Otter Box donation for Animal House.

The weather looks good this week, I have plenty of friends to run with every day, and Mary and Mindy have coordinated to start bringing me food every day. I’m actually not starving and have been managing to stay pretty healthy cooking for myself this month. But this dinner from Mindy and Mary sure was a nice surprise this evening. Cutting out some cooking time should give me time to get out for at least 3-5 more miles each evening.

Thanks Mindy and Mary!

If anyone needs to put a cap on their original pledge or wants to throw in a bonus for 700 miles, email me at pete@k9runner.com.

  • Brian

    March 26th, 2012

    Incredible, Pete. Thanks for helping the rest of us look sane! (and maybe a little lazy)

  • Mary

    March 26th, 2012

    It is amazing what a little extra motivation and sunshine can do. Go get it!

  • Pete

    March 26th, 2012

    And good friends!

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