El Chubbo Grande Fat Ass 50k Route

Here’s the full map for the full El Chubbo Grande Fat Ass 50k Route. Hopefully we’ll make this run an annual tradition. But any other time of the year, this is an excellent route to get a full tour of Horsetooth and Lory. So if anyone hasn’t had a chance to come up to run our trails, I highly recommend giving this a try. I will probably continue to run variations of this route for regular training runs – it’s a great way to rack up a respectable average 240 feet of vertical per mile. It’s not quite Hardrock climbing but it’s on par with Jemez.

Click here for detailed turn-by-turn instructions, map, and photos for the full 50k, Marathon, and JV routes. Or check out Nick’s shorter text instructions here. (For normal training runs, it’s probably best to start at the public Horsetooth trailhead.)

For the full 50k route, my Polar GPS ended up at 30.5 miles. The GPS software that I used to create the profile below calculated 31.25. So I think it’s safe to call this an even 50k.

(Click here for a larger map.)

Chubby Cheeks Marathon Route

This map below only includes the route from the Horsetooth Trailhead and excludes the .65 miles downhill from Nick’s and then back up at the finish.

For the marathon route, my GPS ended up at 23.4 miles but the GPS tool I used to pull the profile came up with just over 24 miles. My GPS is usually a bit shorter than most maps or Garmins so it’s probably safe to say that the official route will end up at about 25 to 25.5ish depending on what mapping or GPS technology you believe in.

Total vertical for this route ended up at 6,100ft. With the final grunt up Nick’s hill, the official route should come out around 6,500ft as advertised.

(Click here for a larger map.)

6100ft Total Vertical. (Excludes downhill start and uphill finish to and from Nick's house)

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