Moab Red Hot 55k Course Map

The Moab Red Hot 55k is approximately 32-34 miles depending on who’s GPS data you believe. Total distance depends on how well you can navigate the course markings across the slick rock. Since there isn’t any obvious path across the rock, there are a lot of areas to add some bonus distance or cut tangents throughout the course.

(The 33k route starts at the same trailhead but turns south at the mile 4 junction to skip the northern loop of the 55k route.)

(Click here for a larger map.)

Terrain: Approx 60% Jeep road and 40% slick rock
In the first loop there is a short section of slick rock around mile 8 through mile 11. The longest section of slick rock is roughly between mile 18 and 28. The remaining route is mostly dirt jeep road.

Total Ascent: Approximately 4,320ft
Total Descent: Approximately 4,787ft
High point: 5,725ft, Low point: 4,015ft

The new race website is online here

My 2012 Race report.

My 2011 Race report.

2011 Race Photos

A video from Andy Leach from the 2010 race:

Photos from 2009 with more typical conditions without the snow

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