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Bighorn 100 2009 Race Report

I’m still amazed at how incredible this course was. The scenery completely made the challenge worthwhile.

Given the circumstances of the day, I had a great run. From the start I was feeling like my effort level was unusually high even at a very slow pace. I should have at least been able to breeze through the first 15 miles of the day. It seemed pretty clear that I was starting out over trained which didn’t really surprise me after what I did to myself in May. May was a separate personal challenge in itself so I really don’t have any regrets in hindsight. And since I wasn’t challenging Karl for the course record, running a bit short of optimal performance wasn’t much of a big deal. Read More

San Juan Solstice 50M – June 21, 2008

The San Juan Solstice was supposed to be my first 50 Miler. …at least that was the original plan. I had made a last minute trip to Boulder City, NV in October to run the World of Hurt 50k to finish my qualifying ultra before registration opened online on January 1st. On New Years Eve both Eric and I happened to be at the same party wondering how we were going to get onto to register at midnight. We couldn’t get onto an Internet connection at the party so just as everyone else was celebrating the new year, we took off for our computers at home. We both managed to get one of the original 150 spots while others who stayed out later ended up on the waiting list. Fortunately they opened up additional spots and with the amount of drop outs between January and June, everyone on the waiting list got into the race. Read More

Wyoming Double Marathon – May 25, 2008

For May, I had originally planned on taking a break from events to put more focus into getting some good quality training time in for the upcoming San Juan Solstice 50 miler and the Vermont 100. But a few other Special Idiots were planning to run the Wyoming marathon or double and since it didn’t require any more travel time than any other training run I figured I’d give it a shot. It’d be much easier to get my 50+ long run in for May with aid stations and other friends to run with. And since the Vermont course is mostly dirt road, the Wyoming Double seemed to fit right in with my plans. Read More

Ghost Town 38.5M – January 20, 2008

I had a great weekend and an awesome run down in Hillsboro,
NM at the Ghost Town 38.5 on January 20th, 2008.

I’d highly recommend this event and plan on going back next year. It was really nice to get off the snow and back onto dry land. Next year, I think I might take a few extra days to get some more training in.

The area is pretty similar to Ft Collins. Elevation ranges from 5100 to 7000 with a mix of open scrub and forest. The course was an out and back with one dog leg on the way out. 6 miles of road at the start was barely noticeable …a bit harder on the way back. Most of the route was smooth dirt roads with a little over 11 miles of trail and rough jeep roads. Plenty of easy running with a few good hills and a couple nasty stretches with loose rocks. Round trip was about 4600 feet total ascent. The weather was pretty nice for running as well. …a bit chilly around 5 degrees at the start but it warmed up into the 50’s later in the afternoon. Out running Paul Grimm to the finish line of the 2008 Ghost Town 38.5 Read More