Shelter dogs

I’ve finally found time to put together a full photo album of most of the dogs I’ve run with. So far I’ve only taken the time to post info about a few of the dogs who have needed the most help finding homes. The dogs I’ve run with the most have usually been the ones who needed the most help with exercise, training, and socialization.

But the vast majority of the dogs who come through the shelter are perfectly good dogs. Fortunately there are really very few true rescue cases from extreme abuse or neglect. And even these dogs are surprisingly good dogs who really don’t really need therapy or rehabilitation – they just need a good home. Most shelter dogs are dumped by people who don’t want to take the time to train or exercise their dog. And it never ceases to amaze me how many perfectly well trained and socialized dogs end up at the shelter. Anyone with a little patience could easily adopt a dog already trained better than they could train a dog they raised themselves.

I’ll write more about a few good ones who are still available later. And this next year, I plan to do a better job collecting photos.


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  1. Thanks Cat! Did you see that Gravy went home with Bob and Annie? I got a message from Bob this week and he said she’s doing great. I think they renamed her Kiwi.

  2. Any time you would like to to give Jessi a break and take Raider for a spin, he’d love it!

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