Chubby Cheeks Turn-by-Turn Directions

Here's the full map to download and print:

We highly recommend using both the map and the detailed directions to navigate the course properly. Trails are well marked but there are a lot of opportunities to make wrong turns along the way if you don't pay attention.

1) Start from Nick's house, run down Overhill Dr back to 38E. Take a short dog leg to the left across the road to the Horsetooth trailhead.

2) From the Horsetooth trailhead sign, take the Horsetooth Rock trail footpath on the right. Stay left to follow the trail up the hill and re-connect with the service road.

3) Go right up the hill on the service road and take your first left turn onto the South Ridge service road.

4) Follow South Ridge up the hill and turn left onto the Audra Culver trail. The trail turn off will be marked with a metal post but can be easily missed if you continue running up the road.

5) Continue up Audra Culver to the Horsetooth Rock trail. Audra Culver will come out onto an open rocky section - just continue going up to the left and you'll find the trail to the rock.

Continue up these rocks to the top of Horsetooth. On the way back down, you'll turn left down the hill at the post.

6) Tag the top of Horsetooth Rock and then follow the trail back down to the Audra Culver junction and veer left to continue down the Horsetooth Rock trail. The Horsetooth Rock trail crosses the South Ridge trail twice so stay to the left and follow the foot path only signs until the trail ends back on the service road.

7) Take a left on the service road to Soderberg trail down the hill to the Spring Creek junction and take a right onto Spring Creek. Watch for the next junction and turn left at the next fork to continue along Spring Creek. If you end up at Horsetooth Falls, you've gone too far.

8) After climbing up and around onto the open hillside, watch for a sharp left turn to follow Stout back up the hill. Take the next left on Herrington back down the hill and turn right on Spring Creek to go all the way up to Towers Rd.

The unmarked sharp left to go up Stout.

We added some cairns to make it a bit more obvious. If you miss this, you'll go waaay off course.

9) Cross Towers Rd to Mill Creek. (The sign immediately across the clearing says Mill Canyon). Be careful not to make a wrong turn at the Loggers Junction. Mill Creek takes a sharp left here that can be easily missed. Continue on Mill Creek all the way into Lory Park.

Mill Creek - Loggers Junction.

10) After crossing over into Lory, stay left to follow the signs for Arthur's rock via the Howard trail.(11).

**JV Short Course Option 1: After crossing into Lory, take a right on the Mill Creek link towards the Arthur's Rock trailhead and skip to step 16.**

11) At the Timber trail junction behind Arthur's rock, take a right and an immediate left to tag the top of Arthur's and then come back down to the Timber junction.

Timber Trail Junction.

**Marathon Course Option 2: Tag Arthur's Rock and then go back down the Arthur's Rock trail (1) to the Arthur's Rock trailhead and skip to step 16.**

12) Follow the Timber trail (3) north. The Timber trail starts as a jeep road so watch for the next right turn back onto the single track trail. Immediately after bottoming out there is a fork in the trail that is not completely marked. Stay left to follow the Timber trail up onto the open hillside. (The right fork is marked for Well Gulch).

Left to continue on Timber.

13) Continue winding around and down the hillside to the Timber Picnic area. There are bathrooms here. There is a water pump at the Visitor center which is a short detour up the road from the picnic area.

14) From the Timber Picnic area, take the West Valley trail (8) south and take the second right turn onto Well Gulch (4). Continue up Well Gulch and take a left at the Well Gulch Nature Trail sign.

Left on the Well Gulch Nature Trail

15) Take your next right fork onto the Overlook Trail (2) and follow this back to the Arthurs Rock trail, turn left down the hill to the Arthur's Rock trailhead. There are bathrooms at this stop and we may have an aid drop setup here.

16) Follow the South Valley trail back to Horsetooth Park. Right before you enter Horsetooth, there is an unmarked split in the trail with a "No Hunting Behind this Sign" sign. Continue to the right to enter Horsetooth.

Stay right to continue into Horsetooth.

17) Shortly after entering Horsetooth, watch for the right turn onto Sawmill. This is marked with a metal trail post but might be easy to miss if you're either running too fast along this easy stretch or already drooling on your shoes.

Right on Sawmill.

18) Follow Sawmill up the hill. You'll stay right continuing past the Stout turn and then stay right again to turn onto Loggers just after the wooden shack. Take the next left turn onto Carey Springs and continue up the hill to Towers Rd.

19) Take a right onto Towers and continue up the hill past the Spring Creek / Mill Creek junction that you crossed over earlier. Just around the bend the road dips down and then turns back up a steep hill. Take the left turn onto the Westridge trail just as the road starts going up. If you miss this turn and end up at the top of the Towers, you've probably gone completely brain dead. Have a gu or something to get your blood sugar back up and pull yourself together.

Left on Westridge.

20) Follow Westridge south to Wathen. There is a very large tree down obstructing part of the trail which may be there for a while. There is hard way and a harder way to get around this but I won't spoil the surprise. Take a left on Wathen and follow the trail down the trail back to Spring Creek.

21) Turn right on Spring Creek and continue through the Soderberg junction where you passed through earlier in the day. This time take the right fork to follow the trail to Horsetooth Falls. Follow the Horsetooth Falls trail back to the trailhead, cross the road and turn right onto Overhill Dr to the finish.