We are happy to provide an initial phone interview to review your situation and needs free of charge.

$65 per hour session within Port Angeles or Sequim, WA.
($80 per session within a 30min drive outside of our local area)

Private Training Sessions: 
Personalized private training sessions for you and your dog in your home, around your neighborhood, or at other parks and public areas.
Private training sessions allow us to be flexible to choose locations and times to practice in real life situations.
Private training can include anything from basic family life skills and manners (sit, down, stand, loose leash walking, leave it, recall, etc.) to behavior modification work for fear, reactivity, medical and grooming handling, resource guarding, and socialization.

Behavior Evaluation: 
For some severe cases, we may recommend a longer initial behavior evaluation session of 1.5 to 2 hours.

Basic Family Dog Training Package: 6 Lessons
Our basic training package includes the following lessons but may be modified to best fit your individual situation, needs, and goals. We recommend committing to weekly sessions to have time to practice each new skill.

1: Reinforcers, Mark & Reward method, Capturing behavior, Eye contact & Name drills
2: Recall, Touch, Leave It, Take It, Drop It
3: Easy on leash, Managing and conditioning public encounters
4: Sit, Down, Stand
5: Built-in Stay, Target mat, Settle
6: Changing context, distance, distractions, and duration

Puppy Pre-K
We can help get you and your new puppy off to the right start with the following lessons:

  • Housetraining, feeding and enrichment, and problem prevention.
  • Body handling conditioning for gear, grooming, and medical care.
  • Socialization goals and protocols.
  • Training method and foundation skills for name, recall, and following.

Your first lesson can be scheduled before you bring your puppy home to make sure you are fully prepared to hit the ground running. But we can customize and tailor your puppy program based on your puppy’s age and your immediate needs.

Custom Training & Behavior Programs

For simple training problems and single skills, we recommend committing to at least 3 sessions to cover basic training methods and foundation skills, an introduction to your training task or problem, and a progression to continue to build difficulty and performance.

Reactive dog training may include a combination of basic family dog training skills, specific reactivity training exercises, and guided situational setups. We recommend a commitment of 8-10 weeks. We also offer hands-on reactive dog training for owners who need more support beyond regular owner training lessons.

For resource guarding or severe body handling cases, we recommend a longer term commitment. Dogs with a bite or fight history or a severe risk of biting need a very detailed training program and owner commitment and follow through is critical for a successful outcome.

Contact us for more details. Your initial phone consultation is always free.