• Private Training Sessions: $75 per hour session
    Discount rates available for weekly or more frequent training sessions.

    Personalized private training sessions for you and your dog in your home, around your neighborhood, or at other parks and public areas.
    Private training sessions allow us to be flexible to choose locations and times to practice in real life situations.
    Private training can include anything from basic family life skills and manners (sit, down, stand, loose leash walking, leave it, recall, etc.) to behavior modification work for fear, reactivity, medical and grooming handling, resource guarding, and socialization.

  • Behavior Evaluation: $150 – 2 hours
    We will provide an in depth evaluation, risk assessment, training recommendations, and prognosis for any concerning behavior problems such as fear, over-reactivity, resource guarding, separation anxiety, fighting, biting, or other common behavior and temperament problems.

    We are happy to provide an initial phone interview to review your situation and needs free of charge.