Leash reactivity is one of the most common and most frustrating behavior problems for dog owners.

One of the main challenges that prevents progress is that owners need to learn new training exercises and handling skills to be able to productively work with their dogs. Learning and becoming proficient in new skills takes time and and practice with an easy dog. Learning new skills with a difficult reactive dog can be almost impossible.

We can help you overcome this challenge by offering hands on training and exercise to get your dog out for positive, productive training and experience immediately while you practice basic foundation skills safely at your own pace.

As your dog’s behavior improves with our hands on training work and your handling and training skill improves, we gradually transition to controlled training setups and chaperoned public training practice until you are able to confidently continue managing and training your dog in public.

Owner Training Topics and Exercises

  • Safety, management & avoidance, body language and thresholds, and gear (harnesses, head collars, gates, crates, muzzles, etc.)
  • Mark and reward method, capturing behavior, feeding routines, and in-home enrichment.
  • Leash and long line handling skills
  • Find it, Sit, Touch, U-turn, Recall, and Following skills
  • Built in stay, settle in place, and relaxation

Dog’s Training Exercises

  • Desensitization at a distance with environmental reinforcement
  • Mark & Reward classical counter-conditioning
  • Operant counter-conditioning – the trigger signals a behavior. 


One owner training session per week is required and we recommend an additional 3-5 hands on training sessions with your dog. 

The time it takes to achieve results varies – every dog and owner situation is different. Some mild cases may improve in just a few sessions. Extreme cases may take months of focused training and may require special handling and attention for life.

We recommend at least 6 weeks to complete the basic owner training plus an additional 2 weeks of chaperoned practice. Owners who already have some training experience may progress faster and some owners may require or prefer ongoing weekly or bi-weekly training practice. We can tailor the training program to best meet your personal schedule, budget, and your dog’s activity level and behavior.


Most training can be done in and around your home neighborhood where you spend the most time with your dog. In some cases, we may need to arrange to meet at different public spaces where we can find the right balance of space and activity to work productively and safely with your dog. 


We offer discounted rates based on your weekly frequency commitment. Service is currently available in Port Angeles and Sequim, WA. If you are outside of our local area, we can arrange to meet at local parks and trails. 

3 hours/week – $180 
4 hours/week – $220
5 hours/week – $250

This program is suitable for reactivity to other dogs but may apply to dogs who are reactive to other animals or vehicles. If your dog is severely reactive to strangers or handling, we can provide private owner training and coaching but may not be able to handle your dog for solo training sessions.

Contact us for a free phone consultation to find out if our reactive dog training program is a good fit for you and your dog.